Manta – Spiral Winder

The Mantra range of Spiral Winders has been completely updated to meet the demands of a modern production environment. Having many years of expertise in this area, we have implemented this knowledge by working closely with our customers to identify improvements. This has delivered a more robust, reliable and user friendly spiral winder. This also brings the additional benefit of reducing changeover times, increasing productivity and reducing waste.

The Manta Spiral Winder is available in a wide range of sizes to suit different applications. Each system has been designed and optimised to better suit a particular product range. Manta Spiral Winders are robust, reliable and efficient systems that meet and better the required demand.

Manta – Key Features

  • The Manta Spiral Winder is configurable as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated as part of a larger production line.
  • Robust powder coated steel frame.
  • Optional features can be integrated to the Manta Spiral Winder to further automate auxiliary processes such as positional adjustment of Reel-Stand, Glue System’s, Winding Tables, Winding Angles, etc.
  • Excellent after sales support with the option of a remote diagnostic package maximise reliability and increase the maintainability of the Manta Spiral Winder. C Perkin commit to support our equipment both now and in the future providing many years of reliable service.
  • Fully compliant with current safety standards and issued with a declaration of conformity.

Manta – Range

No of Plies
Manta – 10020 – 100mm
6mm (max)*
150mm max)*
2 – 8*
Manta – 15020 – 150mm
10mm (max)*
150mm (max)*
2 – 12*
Manta – 200
25 – 200mm
15mm (max)*
150mm (max)*
2 – 16*
Manta – 350
25 – 350mm20mm (max)*200mm (max)*2 – 24*
Manta – 1250
70 – 1250mm25mm (max)*200mm (max)*2 – 32*

* Power options are available to suit the required loading due to the number of plies, width of plies and desired wall thickness.