Glue Systems

C Perkin Limited have a wide range of glue systems to suit different tube production applications and environments. Each system has been designed and optimised to better suit a particular product requirement. All our systems are robust, reliable and efficient. Built to meet and better the required demand.

Glue System Key Features

  • All our systems have robust powder coated steel frames that are built to last.
  • Fully compliant with current safety standards and issued with a declaration of conformity.
  • Optional temperature controlled glue applicators can be used where temperature is critical.
  • Flexible options are available, ranging from Inline Cascade systems up to 32 plies, stand alone single ply MGP’s, Inline MGP’s, glue bead pen applicators to our benchmark Osprey Bladed Glue dosing system.

Eagle – Cascade Glue System

Eagle Cascade Glue System
Eagle – Cascade Glue System


Simple but effect our Eagle Cascade gluing systems are suitable for most manufacturing needs, Optional Pneumatic Tensioners offer high performance and reliable ply tension control. Simple and effective cascading glue distribution provides excellent glue coverage in industrial applications.

Harrier – MGP (Metered Glue Pot)

Harrier MGP Metered Glue Pot
Harrier – MGP Metered Glue Pot


Harrier MGP (Metered Glue Pot) systems provide accurate controllable glue dosing while been efficient on glue usage. These particular systems offer precision while maintaining a clean working area. Can be configured to be incorporated into a line. Our stand alone MGP units provide flexibility to run alternative ply types such as craft papers through to spiral outer labels.

Osprey – Bladed Glue System

Osprey - Bladed Glue System
Osprey – Metered Glue System


The Osprey Bladed Glue Systems offer market leading glue dosage precision with it’s fully optimised distribution of glue. Utilising an encoder signal to measure the speed of paper/ply, the system automatically administers a precision dose of glue that is proportional to the speed of the product. The dose can be pre-determined to suit any application by allowing the user to select the required dose at discrete speed increments.

Glue Systems – Range

Heated Glue
Hose Option
Heated Glue
Tank Option
Suitable for
Heavy Tube Walls
Profiled Glue
Eagle – (Cascade)YesYesYesNo
Harrier – (MGP)YesYesNoYes
Osprey – (Blade)YesYesNoYes